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The Rayback Collective looks like a cold beer in the sun, with a furry friend at your feet, a new friend at the table beside you, and an old friend sitting right in front of you.
It sounds like the bantering voices of people and dogs, from far, wide, and right down the street. It smells like suntan lotion and loaded sweet potato fries.
It tastes like a spicy mezcal cocktail and the best beer you’ve had all week from that brewery you’ve never heard of until now. It feels like home.
Ever since we opened our doors in 2016, we’ve been working on defining what community means to us. Turns out, those who surround you define it for you, as long as you take the time to listen.
So our only question is, what does community mean to you and can we be a part of it? 
boulder comedy

Boulder Comedy Show

Looking for something fun to do on your Sunday?

Well you’re in luck!

Every Sunday evening the Rayback hosts the Boulder Comedy Show from 7-9pm.

Each show features different comedians that are sure to keep you laughing!

The Boulder Comedy Show is a 21+ event and requires tickets be purchased in advance.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit https://www.bouldercomedyshow.com

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Mel Antone


If you’re born in Denver but move away at the ripe age of 1, are you still a Colorado native? Asking for a friend (named Mel). Thankfully, Mel made a grand return from Philadelphia 25 years later and is currently paying her respects to the Peoples’ Republic as the General Manager after carrying the title of Beverage Director the past year with the Rayback. She spent the past decade exploring brewing science and judging beer competitions while eating and drinking her way around the world, so our beverage program and our service proposes to be one of the best around. Just don’t ask her about Trans-2-Nonenal

joe rayback

Joe Becerra

Food and Beverage Director

Hailing from Houston, Joe came to Colorado to see the mountains and the snow.  After completing that on his day one, he decided to join the Rayback as Beverage Director, bringing his cocktail and spirits knowledge ask him about Gin!), as well as his love for milk chocolate with him. You can find him musing at the bar as to why his hometown team can’t win the Super Bowl.

crystal rayback

Crystal Tanaka

Customer Experience Manager

Crystal likes to say that she is a writer “on a good day” but honestly, her best days are spent looking for bears or birds or beavers with her traveling companion, her son. She came to Boulder in search of more frequent best days. She’s a camper, a hiker, a driver, a star-gazer, a loner who doubles as a professional socializer. She likes to make herself laugh and has fun anywhere she goes, so she is so grateful to call the Rayback her new home.




Marion Arthur Rayback was born on November 27th, 1921 and passed away at the age of 92 on June 13th, 2014. He was the owner of Rayback Plumbing Supply, which he ran in Boulder for 60 years. As a beloved member of the Boulder community, he loved and served this city through his passion for plumbing.

Marion Rayback served in the Navy all throughout World War 2 and after being honorably discharged, he moved to Boulder to begin his career in plumbing. In its early years, Rayback Plumbing worked on service calls and new construction projects before settling into selling new and used plumbing supplies. His desire was to help people out by helping them save on those pesky home repairs we all face.

Marion also gave back to the City through donation programs set up for Habitat For Humanity and Boulder Seniors to address plumbing needs. He was dedicated to reusing products that still had life in them and selling them back to the community.

Rayback Collective now stands on the site of the old Rayback Plumbing building, and we, like Marion, have a desire to serve our community through our passion for food, drink, music and play. While honoring the past history of this building and the man who spearheaded it all, we are taking the heart of serving this great community to new places for a new generation.

The Rayback
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